European Studies in Law & Economics

The series ‘European Studies in Law & Economics’ is devoted to further the understanding of Law & Economics in Europe. The volumes published in this series present an interdisciplinary perspective on the effects of laws on people’s behaviour and on the economic system. The ample topics address a wide audience, including policy makers, legislators, economists, lawyers and judges. The peer-reviewed series is an initiative of the PhD programme ‘European Doctorate in Law & Economics’.

The editorial board consists of Prof. Dr. Michael G. Faure (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof. Dr. Luigi A. Franzoni (University of Bologna) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt (University of Hamburg).

The series is published in cooperation with Intersentia, Cambridge.


Published Volumes:


‘Does Law matter for economic growth?´ by Guangdong Xu, Vol. 14, 2014


‘Comparative Analysis of Merger Control Policy´ by Jingyuan Ma, Vol. 13, 2014


‘Towards a better assessment of pain and suffering damages for personal injuries´ by Vaia Karapanou, Vol. 12, 2014


‘Rethinking the New York Convention’ by Shen Wei, Vol.11, 2013


‘Patents as Protection of Traditional Medical Knowledge? A Law and Economics Analysis’, by Petra Ebermann, Vol. 10, 2012


‘Economic Criteria for Criminalization’ by Katarina Svatikova, Vol. 8, 2012


‘Regulatory Competition in European Corporate and Capital Market Law’ by Lars Hornuf, Vol. 7, 2012


‘Law and Economics in the RIA World’ by Andrea Renda, Vol. 6, 2011


‘The Law and Economics of Organ Procurement’ by Firat Bilgel, Vol. 5, 2011


‘Competition and Innovation in the EU Regulation of Pharmaceuticals’ by Claudia Desogus, Vol. 4, 2011


‘Ex-Post Liability Rules in Modern Patent Law’ by Rosa Castro Bernieri, Vol. 3, 2010


‘Behavioural Economics in Consumer Policy’ by Hanneke Luth, Vol. 2, 2010


‘Group Litigation in European Competition Law’ by Sonja E. Keske, Vol. 1, 2010